We aim is to establish a close working relationship with our clients so we have  a comprehensive understanding of their business and their needs.

New Clients

When a client seeks help we arrange to meet them at their principle place of work to discuss their needs and to get a feel for the business.

This meeting is completely free of charge and is obligation free.

After the initial contact, based on the information;gleaned at that meeting, we prepare a brief proposal outlining a suggested course of action.

If this is acceptable to the client a formal agreement is drawn up.

The formal agreement will contain a detailed plan showing the course of action, the timeframe and milestone, KPI's and other measures together with a progress meeting schedule.

How We Are Paid

Unlike many other companies offering similar services we do not charge by the hour since we believe that we should be rewarded for our performance not our time.

When we contract to provide a service, milestones with measurable outcomes and matching fees will be set and agreed upon. 

At each milestone, provided we have achieved the agreed outcomes, we expect prompt payment. If the agreed outcomes have not been achieved we don't expect to get paid until they are achieved– it's that simple.

Our fees will be aligned to the business efficiencies and improvements we set out to achieved.

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