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Starting a business

posted 17 Oct 2011, 15:58 by Leighton Hill   [ updated 29 Nov 2011, 01:29 ]
New business

So you are taking the plunge – you're starting your own business. You've tested the market, you know it's going to work. You've gots lots of energy and you're not afraid of hard work. You've even saved up the money you need to get started. You're keen to get going.

But where to from here? You've research has revelled that business has lot's of challenges. It's not just a matter of selling your products or services:

You need to keep accounts;

You need to account for GST;

You need to ensure you pay your staff the correct wages, and deal with penalty rates and on top of that collect and remit superannuation;

You need insurance – contents, public liability, workcover, professional indemnity and other risks specific to your business;

You need to work out what IT services you're going to need;

You need to register a domain name and get a web presence, not just a web site but social media too;

You need to manage stock, debtors, cash flows ...

And so it goes on.

Too much to contemplate? May be starting a business was not such a good idea after all. Perhaps you should spend the money you have saved and a good holiday. Maybe you'll just keep your day job after all.

DON'T LET ALL THESE "CHALLENGES" OVERWHELM YOU we can help, we have 35 years experience in starting and running businesses and can help you wend your way through all of them.

If you have a challenge in your business and don't know who to turn to, why not contact us for a chat. It won't cost you anything but it might help.