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Save money in your business with cloud technology.

posted 2 Feb 2012, 08:27 by Leighton Hill   [ updated 3 May 2012, 17:46 ]
Cloud computing
Using cloud techology can save your business money and make it more efficient.

You've probably seen articles about this latest development in computing technology "cloud computing" and may be wondered how it may be of use in your business.

As with all new technological developments, the technology starts with and idea, becomes a reality by being adopted by "early adopters" and eventually becomes mainstream.

The most recent phenomena, "social networking technology" has now become mainstream and conventional wisdom suggests that, unless they want to be left behind, businesses need to understand, develop a policy for and employ "social networking techology".

The next phenomena that I think will become mainstream is the use of cloud technology.

The idea is not really that new but over recent times with the rapid increase in computing power and the decrease in cost the technology is available to all.

So, how can this help save money for your business?

Here are some suggested opportunities:

  1. the business will no longer have to buy software and pay expensive licence fees of be forced to pay annual "upgrade" fees for features that you don't need but you have to take if you want to continue to use the software.

  2. the business can have information available to anyone, anywhere who has a device, PC, tablet, smart phone or anything with a browser without the business having to maintain it's own network of servers.

  3. the business will be able to cut the cost of technical support for computing.

  4. the business will be able to cut the cost of hardware.

  5. the business will be able to use simpler computing devices which are more user friendly.

  6. for businesses that service clients at their home or office, they will be able to easily produce on the spot invoices and receipts, increasing cash flow and reducing administration.

Obviously a business cannot move to this new technology without careful planning and assessment but the development is not something that can be ignored and those businesses that do will be in danger of being left behind by more nimble businesses that have reduced their costs and increased their efficiency. Just look at what is happening to those reatailers who have ignored internet shopping.

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