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Outsourcing accounting, administration and IT for SMEs

posted 17 Oct 2011, 15:10 by Leighton Hill   [ updated 29 Nov 2011, 01:30 ]
There are countless reason why people want their own business: to be their "own boss"; to have an opportunity to earn more than they would as an employee; to develop a long-term retirement plan; for the prestige etc.

Such people are hard working and very motivated. They are usually very good at what they do and highly skilled but, unfortunately may not have any experience in financial management nor any formal training in financial management. At the very best if these skills are not available to the business, the business will be held back, at worst it will fail.

The business may deliver a first class service or product, have excellent customer service, may even appear to be profitable, but, without good financial management may still fail.

As rules and regulations grow, the risk of failure grows both financially and compliance wise.

Good financial management will help ensure that the resources available to a business are used efficiently and effectively making business survival more likely and the risk of failing to comply less likely.

Well designed systems are required to support the financial management process. Well trained staff are an absolute must to run those system.

That's all very well, you say, but I can't afford such "big business" luxuries.

In truth, unless you want to risk your business, you can't afford not to have good financial management. It's not a luxury and it doesn't have to cost anything. Good systems and management will pay for themselves.

Wouldn't it be comforting to know exactly where your business stands financially any time you care to ask? To know that it can meet it's liabilities without you stressing about where the money is coming from? To know how much you can afford to spend on new equipment and what that new equipment will contribute?

I'm sure the answer to these questions is a resounding "Yes". So what will you do about it? Not sure? Too busy?

Don't delay, stop taking the risk, look forward to lowering the stress levels -
TAKE ACTION NOW - try outsourcing -  contact us and see how we can help you.